Available for one-off projects and long term partnerships

Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography
For Small to Medium Not-for-Profit Organisations & Ethical Business

With experience and skills gained in communications over the last 20 years, I provide a complete digital and print service including web design, graphic design and photography. I approach all projects with a focus on business and marketing objectives in a way that is enjoyable and easy for everyone involved.
Over the years I've worked with many inspiring and people involved in unique projects, enterprises and organisations that are addressing social, environmental and spiritual issues in a positive and constructive way. I'm dedicated to contributing to the growing momentum of change in these areas by offering my visual communications skills and experience in strategic communications.
I'm always keen to talk to people who are looking to collaborate and share ideas.

Dylan Buckee
I'm based in Melbourne and happy to work remotely.

Send me a message or give me a call, I would love to hear from you!
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Moksha is an ancient Sanskrit term roughly translated as 'a release or liberation from cycles of life and death'. It's the ultimate spiritual aspiration that I see as getting things 'right' in this lifetime. So in this way, what ever I do, I try to get what I can 'right' as much as possible with the resources at hand. This is my approach in life and all my projects as a professional.
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